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The Moon
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Matt Smith in a recent interview has said the following hint about the final end of Ponds: "There's something coming up in the final days of the Ponds that was in The Eleventh Hour," he said. "There's a shot in that. [Moffat's] been thinking about it that long. He always knew how she was going to… I'm saying too much already."

Fans already know that weeping angels appear in the last "Ponds" episode for Doctor who So I think that's the biggest hint that anyone could get.

Out come 1:
I think that Rory and Amy's last episode will have the weeping angels send either both or at lest Amy to the past because we all know that in season 3 episode "Blink" Martha and the Doctor are sent back to 1969 and a guy named Bill who helps them. they also get help from a girl named Sally Sparrow in the Future who had met Bill before he was sent back to 1969 and became an old men who ends up again helping The Doctor through Sally *its a big Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey, Spacey-Wacey you'd have to watch "Blink" to understand.

Now if it's just Amy getting sent back to the past she's probably told to change her name and move on since the time she's sent is in lock down *again watch Blink because The Doctor told Bill he couldn't help him back to the Future which he really is from* If she does she probably either changes it to Angelo *remember Mrs Angelo from the episode "eleventh Hour" she had a broach and some how in it ends up in Rivers care in the future* or both Amy and Rory change there married name to Angelo trying to give the Doctor a big hint about the weeping angels.

so this out came is a tear jerk-er because if the angel lock them in another time they become fixed in that time and the Doctor can't help them.

Out come 2:
But there is another possible out come in there last episode. Rory tends to get killed a lot or lost in the Doctor who so its possible he gets sent back leaving Amy all alone which shows in "The Eleventh Hour" that she had a lonely childhood with her aunt being gone a lot and her parents being dead *most likely lost in the cracks in time* or he gets killed

Out come 3:
We all know that in "The Eleventh Hour" the hospital scene Rory looks behind him and see some thing and he for gets what he saw when his name is called.

That could only mean "Silence" a group of Aliens that have the ability to implant post-hypnotic suggestions. So its possible they could have told Rory to kill the Doctor since River song didn't do in "The Wedding of River Song" after she was kidnapped as a baby.

And being the Doctor's best friend since Donna, Amy could step in and get killed by Rory. (which would place her in the long line of true hero's of the Doctor who series)

True hero of Doctor who who worked/traveled with the Doctor (they either died or made to leave or left behind):
1. Katarina (Dies saving the 1st Doctor in classic episode "The Daleks' Master Plan"
2. Sara Kingdom (Dies trying to help only for it to back fire and end up killing her "The Daleks' Master Plan"
3. Jamie McCrimmon (Time lords wiped his memories and sent him back to his own time)
4. Zoe Heriot (Time lords wiped her memories and sent her back to her own time)
5. Sarah Jane Smith (sent home by the 4th Doctor because of the Time lords would have done something it they caught her
traveling with the Doctor)
6. Adric (Died saving every body by blowing up space ship (meteor that kills the Dinosaurs))
7. K-9 Mark III (destroyed himself saving the 10th Doctor and friends then was rebuilt by said Doctor into the Mark IV)
8. Kamelion (not seen much but asks the Doctor to have mercy and kills him after the Master tries to use him to harm the Doctor and friends.)
9. Rose Tyler (-.-' Sent home comes back as Bad Wolf to save 9th Doctor, with 10th Doctor but almost sucked into void but saved by parallel father (lost to parallel universe), Comes back to save all of time and space again and again sent to parallel universe for good to live with clone version of 10th Doctor)
10. Jack Harkness (1st time left behind because he's a fixed point in time)
11. Astrid Peth (dies saving the Doctor and the Rest of the People that lived after almost dying on the Space Ship Titanic)
12. Donna Noble (become half human/time lord. By saving her from dying the Doctor has to wipe her mind clean of everything that has to do with him)
13. Adelaide Brooke (She's a fix point in time but the Doctor saves her. When she finds out she kills her self to keep the timelines on the right path)
14. River Song (Dies in the 10th Doctor timeline by changing places with the Doctor who's about to kill himself in "Silence in the Library" to save every body on the library planet... But her data ghost is saved)
All other Companions have also saved the Doctor are a live but they decided on there own to leave
some of the companions on the list above or not listed have met up with the Doctor again.

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